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Many businesses and public spaces have opened up to provide their services. Consequently, the challenge for employers and businesses is to re install confidence with employees and customers. Building trust and accountability in security measures is a great step. Therefore, a great solution that will aid in prevention the spread of any infections is through implementing temperature screening at access points. Certainly, businesses and facilities are tackling this method of temperature screening in different ways. For example, an option can be to hire an individual screener that will take the temperature of employees and visitors. If they detect an elevated body temperature, they can take the next steps to prevent them from entering the premise.

An issue with current temperature screeners is that they are at risk by being in contact with others. Thermometers used in close contact can make employees uncomfortable. Above all, the option of hiring temperature screeners or your facility can be an expensive cost as a long term solution.

Businesses and public spaces need a contact screening protocol in their environments, however is there a way to make their contact screening more efficient, affordable, and easy?

A Unique Approach to Contact-less Temperature Screening in a Work Environment

In 2020, Aerospace giant Howmet had a challenge in providing a safe and secure space for their employees at numerous manufacturing facilities. Howmet Aerospace already had invested heavily in their DSX access control panel. A solution that Howmet required was to detect an elevated body temperature and integrate the results to their DSX access control panel.

Howmet Aerospace implemented the ZKTeco’s SpeedFace+ at a Pittsburgh location which was able to read the temperature of the user and the unit integrates easily into their DSX access control panel. At the entrance, employees used facial (palm) recognition and got their body temperature read. Employees with a normal temperature were allowed into the premise. SF1008T+ outputs the employee’s badge# via its Wiegand output to the DSX panel. Consequently, upon the detection of an elevated body temperature, the SpeedFace+ will be able to notify security or supervisors.

SF1008T+ is an Efficient Contact-less Access Control Temperature Reader

A way to make your existing contact screening protocol easier is to use the SF1008T+. The SF1008T+ or also known as the SpeedFace+ is an indoor stand alone body-temperature and mask detection reader with integrated face & palm recognition.

The SpeedFace+ can use facial recognition to verify registered employees. In addition, there is an option to use the palm reader or recognition. Moreover, an amazing feature includes facial recognition through wearing a mask. The SpeedFace+ can read the temperature of registered and unregistered individuals that include visitors. Lastly, the newer version of SpeedFace+ will have an option to add a symptom questionnaire for users to fill out.

SpeedFace+ can integrate with your existing access control panels for any follow up action to the results it records. Therefore, the SpeedFace+ has a Wiegand output that allows this device to open or close doors, notify any nearby alarms, and notify any supervisors through email.

With the SpeedFace+ being a first line of defense, a supervisor, screener, or security can take the next steps in responding to someone with an elevated body temperature.

Watch the ZK Teco Video showcasing the SF1008T+ in Action

Building Trust with Returning Patients

Iszkula Orthodontics, which is based in Erie, Pa, were ready to provide their services to their patients. A challenge that Dr. Iszkula had was to build trust with their patients by establishing a safe environment. Dr. Iszkula researched ways to protect his employees and patients in which he decided to implement temperature screening. Dr. Iszkula had a screener take the temperature of the patients that entered with a non touch thermometer, but was unsatisfied with the inaccuracy of the device and having a screener at risk.

As a Result, Dr. Iszkula established a strategy with the help of Gregg Butala and his team from Whitetail Electronics. Firstly, they created a system of checking patients in from the parking lot. Secondly, patients enter the office and use the SF1008T+ to check for an elevated body temperature. Lastly, the patient with a normal temperature can proceed, but if the temperature is elevated, they can reschedule the appointment. Dr Iszkula was satisfied with the positive results of using the SF1008T.

The Future is now

With the ongoing pandemic, it is important to bring awareness to the contact screening protocols that many businesses are implementing across the world. Temperature screening is a necessity part of security to prevent any spread of infections in the work place. The best way to establish a healthy environment for your employees and visitors is to implement the SpeedFace+ into your contact screening protocol. Visit our Speed Face+ product page.

By Andrew Andrade / 5.21.21 / American Safe Inc

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