How to Improve your Security with an Access Control Panel

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What is an Access Control Panel?

Access control is a way to provide keyless electronic access into locked doors. For instance, you can use a card, code, or credential that identify your employee and allow them to enter the premise. This system operates similarly to the master key system because you can control the access to your facility. Anytime your employee uses their credential to enter a facility, the access control panel will monitor who and what time that door is being accessed. Furthermore, when an invalid credential was used, the access control panel will deny access and can notify security with an alarm.

Access control panels are effective for large facilities, office buildings, or educational institutions. Furthermore, it allows the employees to gain access to their respective space and visitors will only be able to access general spaces. Lastly, once the system is in place, you can make adjustments and slowly expand it. So, How can you Improve your Security with an Access Control Panel?   

Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Access Control Panel 

If you have an access control panel installed, here are some flags that you are ready for an upgrade.

Locks and Keys are your Main System of Access Entry

Small businesses and retail stores are fine with using locks and keys to manage their access points. However, larger facilities and office buildings will have a lot of keys in circulation to keep track of. As a result, this will pose a high security risk and replacing lost keys will be expensive over time.

You are Ready to Increase Your Security

Nobody wants to deal with an unknown security breach or incident. For example, some access control systems that include mag stripes and 1 wire keys are easily compromised. To ensure that this does not happen, an access control panel with updated readers and cards is a great way to prevent and monitor security threats. To clarify, you will have real time monitoring of any breach attempts that your security team can respond to.    

Your Access Control Panel software isn’t Remote Accessible

Our technology is upgrading and bringing convenience with it. Remote access is a great tool because it brings you convenience and flexibility. For example, you can view and adjust your access control system from your mobile device or devices that connect to wifi. This feature gives you more opportunities to change up your access control system on the fly.   

A great start is ZKTeco’s Atlas Prox Series

The ZkTeco’s Atlas Prox Series access panel is a great option for an upgrade or a first time installation. The Atlas Series panels have different options that include a 1 door panel, 2 door panel, and a 4 door panel. The Atlas panels support up to 84 doors. We can help create a plan to mix and pair different panels to fit the amount of doors that you need. In addition, the Atlas has the option to come in as a bundle that includes key cards, keypads, and a push to exit button. The Atlas reader can be paired with other devices that recognize the users like pins, ID cards, and Bluetooth phones.

If you want to integrate biometrics into your access control system, the Atlas Bio Series is your solution.  For instance, the readers can include fingerprint scanning, palm scanning, and facial recognition. The Bio Series comes in the same bundles and option variation of the Prox Series.

The Atlas includes a web software that allows you to manage your access control system. An important feature to the Atlas Series is that you have remote access to your access control software from your mobile device or other devices that have wi-fi.

Watch an installation Video of the ZkTeco’s Atlas Prox Series

Features Include:

  • Create new users
  • Monitor doors
  • Lock down and release doors
  • View transactions
  • Monitor alerts
  • Generate reports
  • Reporting, mapping, and Anti-pass back

Things to Consider for Installation

Before you incorporate the new Atlas Series panels, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, the potential growth of your business can determine the scope of your new access control system. Secondly, we recommend considering the many options of locks and identifying system that would fit your facility. Before you meet with security installation experts, having these questions answered will allow them to respond quickly to the next steps.

Have any questions

If you want to implement an access control panel, we are happy to help you install the best option that will solve your challenges. If you have an existing access control system, we can discuss the options you have to update your equipment. Email us