Key-less Entry Systems

Access Control System

Access control is a powerful system that combines organization of your access points, real time information of traffic, and remote management spanning beyond cities. The key-less entry system is flexible to fit your organization and has many options for card readers.

access control keypad

Access Control Solutions

Evaluate and Design

ASI provides on site evaluations of clients' facilities to find any gaps in security and design the best systems to meet their security needs.

Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

ASI installs, repairs, and maintains various types of electronic access control  solutions and can expand existing access control too.

Security Systems Integration

ASI integrates alarm systems, video surveillance, and alarm monitoring to our clients' key less entry system. ASI can update existing key less systems with new software or equipment.


Card Readers

User's require a key fob, prox card, or smart ID to gain access into an entry to entry point. The user needs to swipe, tap, or be near a keypad to send a wireless signal to the keypad to register and confirm access to location.

Keypad Readers

The keypad can be used as a stand alone device that requires a pin or fingerprint scan to allow access to the users to enter and exit. The keypad can be paired with a card to have a two factor authentication to increase security.

Biometric Readers

The biometric reader in access control is a step towards higher security. Some examples of biometric recognition includes fingerprint recognition, face recognition, and palm recognition.

biometric reader


Body Temperature and  Mask Detection Access Control Reader

The SpeedFace+ embedded face recognition sensor provides 100% contact-less user authentication for various applications that include temperature detection.



Facial Authentication Reader

The StoneLock is a facial authentication reader that protects the users' privacy. This technology uses infra red to detect heat signatures in the user's face. StoneLock can serve as a stand alone unit or integrated with an existing access control system.


Visitor Management

Clients can identify and log information that includes who is entering/exiting access points and time.

Area Management

Under this system, clients can control the entry points of specific employees or visitors. These changes can be made easily.

Remote Access Monitoring

Clients can be in charge of managing their system or ASI can manage the access control.

Upgrade and Expansion

ASI upgrades existing systems with newer equipment or software. ASI expands access control for companies that are growing.

How Can We Solve Your Challenge?

We provide on-site security evaluations to bring you the best solutions.