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Body Temperature + Mask Detection Access Control Reader

The SpeedFace+ embedded face recognition sensor provides 100% contact-less user authentication for various applications that include temperature detection. This biometric reader can work as a stand alone unit for access control.

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Biometric Reader Features

In addition to providing face, palm, and fingerprint user authentication, SpeedFace+ can detect body temperature and the presence of a protective mask being worn by both registered and unregistered users. Users can be notified if they have a defined unacceptable body temperature or if no mask is detected. The ability to quickly & accurately detect body-temperature and the presence of a mask is becoming increasingly important as the future of contact-less screening.

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People identified having an elevated body-temperature and their supervisors can then take appropriate action. SpeedFace+ combines a powerful embedded thermal imaging camera and ZKTeco's latest face and fingerprint recognition algorithms that are supported by an optimized dual-core processor. SpeedFace+ is un-matched in accuracy, matching speed and versatility. This biometric reader provides advanced security and convenience, all on a single affordable device.



Faces: 50,000 I Palms: 5,000


Wiegand Input Panels Wiegand
Output readers ZKBioSecurity
Software ZKTeco Security Relay Box (SRB)


900 MHz Dual Core CPU
512MB RAM/ 8G Flash
8" Touch Screen Display
2MP WDR Camera
Distance Detection Sensor
Reset Button &Tamper Switch
Operating System: Linux

Standard Functions

Access Levels, Groups,
Holidays DST,
Duress Mode (password)
Anti-Passback, Record Query
Tamper Switch Alarm

Temperature Detection

Accuracy: +/- 0.6 ° F
Distance: up to 2.5 feet


Operating Voltage: 12V DC Current
Draw: < 2,000mA

Protective Mask Detection

Access Control Interface

Lock Relay Output
Alarm Output /Auxiliary Input Exit
Button / Door Sensor

Special Function

Liveness Detection
Event Snapshot


Wiegand Input / Output

Additional Info

Face Algorithm: ZKLiveFace 5.8
Working Temp (Reader): -40°F to 140°F
Working Temp (Sensor):68°F -96°F
Working Humidity: 20% - 93%
Storage Temp: 32 to 122°F
Storage Humidity: 20% - 90%
Net Weight: 1.5 lbs
Size (HxLxD): 8.9 x 5.6 x 1 inch



Options for Stands


Mount Pole

mount stand

Mount Stand

table mount

Table Mount

biometric reader wall mount

Wall Mount

SpeedFace+ Case Studies

In this blog post, we explore the different case studies that include the SpeedFace+ in action. SpeedFace + is a great contact-less access control solution and this article will more in depth of the features. Biometric technology is addressing our current challenge with balancing security and health due to our current pandemic.

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