American Safe Inc Gallery

Review our security project gallery to get a better idea of how to expand your security. Each project is focused on different aspects of the security solutions that we provide that include access control installation, locksmith services, and safe/vault installations.

Opening a Melted Vault

ASI technicians opened up a vault that was melted and damaged rom a bank wide fire located in Northern California

Class 1 Vault

ASI installed a Class 1 Vault in a financial institution that was being built located in South San Fransisco, Ca.

Class 2 Vault

ASI technicians designed and installed a class 2 vault in a new Los Gatos, Ca financial institution branch.

Safe Deposits Installation

ASI technicians are using skilled precision and great equipment to move heavy safe deposit boxes to a financial institution.

Vault Door Repair

An ASI technician replaced broken hardware on a vault door at a financial institution located in Stockton, Ca.

Vault Installation

We designed and installed a Class 1 Vault at a financial institution located in Sunnyvale, Ca.

Re-Key Automotive Center

ASI technicians re-keyed all the locks for a master key system at an automotive center located at a retail warehouse.

Re-Key Gas Station

ASI technicians re-keyed the locks for an implemented master key system located at a gas station. This gas station is located at a wholesale retail store.

High Security Safes

ASI installed three high security safes for a financial institution facility located in San Jose, Ca.

Repairing Panic Bars

Our technicians master keyed the panic bars at a wholesale retail store.

Vault Removal

ASI was tasked with removing a class 2 vault from a closed financial institution.

Access Control System

ASI installed a key-less entry system at a financial institution facility.

Replacing Cabinet Locks

An ASI technician replaced broken cabinet locks from a large filing cabinet located at a wholesale retail store.

Cable Management

ASI organized the network and surveillance system wiring for a financial institution facility.

Electrified Alarm Lock

An ASI technician drilled into a metal door to install an alarm lock at a financial institution in Sunnyvale, Ca.

Door Hardware Repair

An ASI technician replaced a broken part on a storefront door. This broken part caused the left door to get jammed and not close fully.

Unloading A Security Safe

Our ASI technician used a forklift to unload a security safe for a future project. Our technicians make sure to handle the safes with caution.

How Can We Solve Your Challenge?

We provide on-site security evaluations to bring you the best solutions.