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Surveillance System

Surveillance systems are constantly evolving with our technology. ASI technicians have experience designing, installing, and expanding surveillance systems. Our clients are thrilled with the convenience of monitoring through their remote workstations or mobile phone.

Security Camera, surveillance systems

Surveillance System Solutions

Evaluation and Installation

ASI evaluates our clients' building/facility for the optimal position for cameras. ASI technicians install the cameras and set up the recording. ASI can expand an existing surveillance system or replace equipment.


ASI technicians respond quickly to any issues regarding our clients' surveillance system. ASI repairs and replaces any broken cameras or recording hardware.

Variety of Options

ASI has a large inventory of cameras and equipment that include analog, IP, and license plate recognition cameras. ASI installs digital video recorders, network video recorder, and hybrids to meet your requirements.

License Plate Recognition Camera, surveillance systems

Surveillance System Options

  • High quality color and low light cameras
  • Network accessible live video feeds
  • Digital video recorders (DVR), analog network TCP/IP, megapixel  cameras
  • Megapixel cameras, high definition and high density recording
  • Video alarm verification
  • Remote access through your smartphone
Digital Video Recorder


32 Channel All-in-One H.265 4K HD DVR

H.265 4K UHD DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER will be able to bridge the gap as hybrid DVR to allow you to use both analog and IP cameras.

Security Camera

5MP H.265 Motorized Lens, Bullet Network Camera

Powerful License Plate Recognition Camera

The AVYCON License Plate Recognition Camera is a 5MP Bullet Network Camera. The IP camera supports the true day and night mode. There is an infinite star sensor which allows viewing of video in the lowest of light environment.



ASI evaluates our client's buildings and facilities to install the bets surveillance system that is a fit for them. ASI can pair clients' with DVR or NVR options that will bring them the best fit.

Advanced Technology

ASI researches and tests surveillance equipment to ensure clients' the best results. The equipment that ASI installs is up to date and compliant.

Remote Monitoring

ASI can integrate remote monitoring features for our clients to view surveillance feed from a remote workstation or a mobile phone.

Protection and Response

A surveillance system will bring clients' assurance knowing their valuable assets are protected. There is an option to integrate alarm monitoring as well.

How Can We Solve Your Challenge?

We provide on-site security evaluations to bring you the best solutions.