Master Key Systems will bring you Security with Simplicity

Challenges Managing the Access Points of Large Facilities

Larger businesses with varying levels of hierarchical access have a challenge in managing who is allowed access to certain areas. Employees need to have access to their respective areas, yet the management might not want them to have access to all the other areas of the facility. For Instance, at large retail stores like Costco, the pharmacy area has control substances that should not be easily accessible to all employees.

Another challenge for large facilities is the amount of keys that each manager or employee will have to carry on them to gain access to different areas. Multiple keys on each employee can pose a security risk because they have to make sure not to lose any keys. Carrying around a ring full of keys is also inconvenient and slow when you need to open up areas.

The turnover rate for large retail stores is high and that is a lot of employees being issued new keys. Consequently, without any proper key tracking plan, keeping track of all the keys in circulation will be difficult and the more keys that are in circulation will damage the integrity of security.

The Master Key System

The purpose of the master key blueprint is to allow and restrict access to areas in the building. The master key references a group of locks and the complimentary keys. Furthermore, the blueprint is organized in a hierarchical way that allows master keys to open all the locks and the bottom keys to open certain locks. The less master keys that are in the blue print will allow for stronger security. The master key system blueprint is able to be adjusted with little changes to the existing locks in your facility.

The master key system applies to using traditional mechanical keys or using access control keys. Control key access system is very simple, yet a power outage will inhibit the the key pads.

Benefits of the Master Key System

Businesses with different access needs and multiple employee tiers will be running efficiently with a master key system in place. For instance, this blueprint simplifies your key control because you will give out less keys to employee. Higher level management will be able to gain access to many areas with one single master key or grand master key.

Key tracking is a great bonus to use because you use the information of the amount keys in circulation and who has them to ensure no gaps in the overall security. Key tracking allows you to limit the number of keys in circulation. For Example, once an employee departs from your facility, they bring back the one key that they used. 

 You will be able to plan for emergencies and disasters because you have information of who has access to certain areas. The ability to plan a response will be important in critical times. Therefore, the supervisor position will be able to respond to any work emergencies and open up any areas for employees.   

The master key system makes the life of locksmith a lot easier. If you need to replace any keys or locks, provide the locksmith or installer with your master key organization plan. This will allow them to replace a key or master key in a certain tier. The master key system file includes the hardware and door types for the locksmith to prepare equipment for. The file makes the process of adjusting or replacing keys and locks to be a lot faster with little mistakes.

Re-Keying Gas Station Gallery

Master Key System Security is Simplicity

With this system in place, Simplicity is the key. The master key system will be easy to implement to your existing building and save you money over time. To learn more information about the master key system and some real time examples, stay tuned for the next blog.

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