StoneLock Facial Recognition Reader Protects Privacy

Biometric technology includes fingerprint scans, eye scans, and facial recognition. They are no longer just in the world of science fiction movies. This technology has been growing over the past 20 years and is becoming more prevalent in corporate facilities access control.  As a result, biometric technology is bringing security and convenience to its users’. However, they bring challenges with users’ privacy. Privacy is a commodity in our society today with data often being sold off. Consequently, people are bombarded with ads and spam calls or emails. A challenge with biometric technology is that they can collect precious data. For example, facial recognition reader that includes a video camera often stores facial images as data. Therefore, this data is used as a reference the next time. On the other hand, StoneLock addresses these issues with their technology and software.

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StoneLock Facial Recognition Reader

The StoneLock is a facial recognition reader that can be a stand alone reader or integrated with an existing access control system. Similarly to other facial recognition readers, StoneLock is contact-less and is easy to enroll users with a QR code or a card swipe. The StoneLock can easily integrate with many access control systems that include Kantech, Genentec, and Avigilon. Furthermore, StoneLock is capable of having up to 50,000 users. Therefore, this is a great enterprise-level identity management solution. The three values the team behind StoneLock uphold are convenience, security and privacy. How does StoneLock offer solutions for privacy concerns?


Firstly, StoneLock uses near infrared to accurately measure the reflective quality of skin via 2100 points. This device does not contain a video camera. Secondly, the templates or facial readings that are stored are unrecognizable outside the StoneLock system. Thirdly, this device has a proprietary algorithm that replaces the user’s face template with a mathematical representation. In conclusion, the StoneLock protects user identity because it can’t identify gender, race, and facial characteristics. StoneLock was designed with to protect the users’ privacy.

Facial Recognition Reader

Template of a User


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Optimal Places for StoneLock

  • VP suite levels.
  • Airport high security places like tarmacs and air traffic control towers.
  • Corporations and large enterprises
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Data centers
  • Evidence rooms
  • Entrance for buildings
  • Cannabis companies
  • High value gold
  • Choke points
  • Tech Companies

The future of biometric technology is getting more advanced each year. Certainly, they bring convenience to users because the users do not need to carry access card or key fobs around. In addition, the software of the facial recognition readers are improving in their anti-spoofing abilities. There is no need to compromise your privacy for security, StoneLock protects your privacy.

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