How Effective are License Plate recognition Cameras?

License Plate Recognition Camera

Once the violator escapes from a break in, there is a still a chance that you can capture them. A license plate recognition camera is a great tool to capture license plates of any suspicious or fleeing vehicles around your premise. After the incident, law enforcement will be able to use that valuable information to carry out a successful investigation. The license plate recognition camera is an effective asset to your security system.

License Plate Capture Vs License Plate Recognition Cameras

The LPC camera can capture high resolution images and videos of license plates of moving vehicles in view. Therefore, the videos recorded do not have the option to organized in the video databases. For instance,  when you need to find a specific license plate, you will have to comb  and view through the video files to find it. This will waste a lot of time.

Watch Video of LPR camera vs Security Camera

The license plate recognition camera is able to convert the license plate numbers and letters into text. As a result, the organized video files in the database is great for convenient searches. Most license plate recognition cameras capture ultra-high contrast video in black and white. In the database, you can search for license plates or you can black list any license plates that should not be in your premise.

Best Placements for your LPR Cameras

license plate recognition


Consider an optimal placement or your cameras so they can capture the most license plates.Above all, the camera’s goal is to record the most license plates and placing it at a choke point like the entrance/exit of a parking garage or parking lot is a great idea. You don’t necessarily want to get the most cars in your view at one time, but have a view of a path that will record cars consistently passing through. The diagram above shows a great example of where you can place your LPR camera in your environment.

Factors that can inhibit your License Plate Recognition Accuracy

In a controlled or indoor environment, the LPR cameras will be accurate and efficient with little problems, however in an outside environment, there are many factors that can interfere with the cameras performance. In setting up your LPR cameras, make sure to account for the sun glare, lighting, and any weather effects. Things like mud, heavy rain, and snow can affect the performance of your license plate recognition camera. Another aspect of the outside environment to keep in mind of is that there are some cameras that will not be able to register license plates at night or in lower lighting settings.

Adjustments You Can Make to your LPR Camera

The first step to improve the cameras is to increase the resolution because readability increases with your resolution. This step will be able to help increase the accuracy, yet that will not help with low lighting scenarios. IR or Infrared increases your readability during the night time or poor lighting situations because it captures an image of the license plate using a high contrast setting. You have an option of installing Infrared capabilities to your existing LPR cameras. AVYCON’s LPR surveillance cameras have a built in algorithm that compensates for speed, weather, and a headlight glare. Lastly, the software settings in your LPR camera is another place for you to improve performance.

LPR Cameras are a solution for you

Businesses and Property Owners that want to keep track of vehicles entering the premises, will find their solution with the LPR cameras. As a result, accessing license plate numbers quickly and effectively will make your life easier. This tool is valuable in bringing more safety to your environment. Please visit our AVYCON LPR Camera product page.

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