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Master Key System Case Study


In this master key case study, ASI technicians were tasked with replacing an existing key system with a new master key system to improve key management. This requires the technicians to re-key all the locks at the location that includes a warehouse, gas station, and automotive tire shop.


Key cutters, pins and cylinders, locksmith equipment

Time Duration

4 days

Master Key System

The first task for the technicians are to gather all the locks that need to be re-keyed in area they start at. Typically, they start at the gas station because it is a high traffic location. They want to have the new locks and keys in place for the employees to access.


The technician removes the pins of the cylinders and reads a blueprint to know which new pins to add. It is important to replace the pins because they can get worn out over time.

pins and locks
pins and locks

Once the pins are in the cylinders, the technician tests out if the new key works on the cylinder.

lock and key
pins and lock
lock and key

The completed cylinder gets placed inside its corresponding lock. Once the locks in the designated area are completed, the technician can put the locks back in their rightful place.

Re-Keying Gas Station Gallery

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