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Door Hardware Repair Case Study


A well known bagel shop has a double storefront glass door that was having issues. The storefront glass door on the left was not able to close fully. This made it difficult for the employees to lock up the location because the door was getting jammed. Our technician was able to find a piece located at the bottom of the door that had been broken.


Power Drill, Screw Drivers, New Door Hardware Piece

Time Duration

1 days


The first task for the technicians was to remove the glass door. Our technician used the screw driver to remove the door from the door closer on top.

Door Hardware Repair Gallery

Now that the door stopper has been disconnected, the technician will pop the door off. The technician found the broken part that was located at the bottom of the door.

The technician will have to remove the threshold which is the long metal strip at the bottom of the storefront doors. This will allow the technician to remove the other half of the broken part and replace it with a new one.

Door Hardware Repair
Door Hardware Repair
Door Hardware Repair

This new part will solve the jamming issue that the door was having. The technician used an allen wrench to give this part more support to hold the glass door. The technician can place the threshold back and bolt it down. The next step is to place the door back on to see if the door will fit when closed.


The technician will remove the door and lower the part if the door does not close properly. This last step will be testing and adjusting to make sure the the door can be locked with the other one.


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