What is Access Control?

Access Control is a way of providing key less electronic access into a locked door to a secure area. A card, a code or some type of credential is put to a reader for electronic verification to determine if that person, at that time, at that door has the right to enter that door/gate. A valid access will unlock the door/gate and record who went thru what door and at what time. An invalid access result in a denial of having the lock opened and will be recorded for a denial on entrance based upon invalid access code, invalid time for access or not having a high enough security level.


Access control is exactly like it sounds: It is a security system that controls the access of your facility. It is a system of key less entry which allows people with card access in; and keeps those without key cards out. Systems range from electric locks to the latest in biometric securities, using scramble pads, fingerprint scanners, retinal scan. Seamless integration of door control, alarm monitoring, credential enrollment, photo badges, video, graphics, database management and tutorials yields an easy to use and easy to install system suitable for a single door or enterprise. Even if you’re not 007, there is an access control system that fits your needs. Access control provides you with the ability to protect, monitor, manage and record.