american safe typical configuration for doors

Electromagnetic Locks

Electromagnetic locks, or magnetic locks, provide two types of classifications: fail-safe and fail-secure. Fail-secure locks will stay locked even when power is lost, and fail-safe locks will unlock when there is no power. It consists of an armature plate on the door frame that is attached to the magnetic plate which is installed on the door. The electromagnet attracts a conductor with a force large enough to prevent the door from being opened. A fail-safe magnetic lock is typically not suitable for high security areas because it is possible to disable the lock by turning off the power supply. This is typically used with a buzzer device controlled at a desk.

Electric Strike

An electric strike is another access control device used for doors. it is mechanically operated that releases a door when the mechanical part is activated. Activation occurs when an electric controller is operated outside of the building such as a proximity reader, panic bar, or any other type of access control reader. The electric strike lock is more secure than a magnetic lock even when the power goes out. Exiting will still be possible by pushing the panic bar, and using the mechanical lock.