CCTV Surveillance Cameras

For over 30 Years American Safe, Inc., a “Total Solutions Company”, has specialized in security alarms and Closed Circuit TV monitoring.

American Safe, Inc. provides a broad range of digital video management solutions that can serve the need for quality and reliability, as well as the large video storage capacity needed in the financial industry. Our digital video recorder systems are easy to install and use, so even personnel that are not security professionals can operate the system without a hassle.

We also install and design video surveillance systems, or closed caption television cameras (CCTV). We use digital recorders, DVRs, NVRs, high resolution color cameras, IP cameras, and Megapixel digital cameras. Pan tilt zoom cameras can be triggered by a zone alarm to automatically zoom and focus on predetermined locations. Your surveillance equipment can be tied into your access control equipment as well for this purpose.

Teller window transactions can be monitored, with instant retrieval of incidents. ATM video surveillance and security can be enhanced by a transaction text software interface. Recording schedules (day, night, and weekend) are available to allow for maximum recording storage.

Remote monitoring capabilities provide surveillance from desktop computers, giving management and security personnel the ability to view multiple locations without having to leave their offices. All video recordings are captured with digital encryption, so that video is tamper-proof, providing important evidence when combating theft.

We install single and multiple camera inputs with computer aided controls and covert Audio/Video surveillance. Every picture taken will be of the highest visual quality with precision detail. Resolution is critical for observing, and more importantly, identifying potential threats to your security.