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american safe - locksmith keys


We provide business locksmith services to building owners, business owners and private parties for there master key systems, building rekeys, installations. Our professional locksmiths can re-key your building to a master key system, install a new function lockset on a door or just repair a broken lock on your file cabinet. American Safe is a full service locksmith company providing locksmithing services all over Northern California.

  • Master keying buildings, multiple building facilities, and campuses
  • Furniture, desks, file cabinets, padlocks, and high security locks
  • Panic hardware/ADA door openers, electronic locks, and strikes
  • Man traps, electrified door hardware
american safe - surveillance systems black camera

CCTV Surveillance Systems

American Safe Inc. also installs and designs surveillance systems. We use digital recorders, DVRs, NVRs, high resolution color cameras, IP cameras and Mega pixel digital cameras. Pan tilt zoom cameras can be triggered by a zone alarm to automatically zoom and focus on predetermined locations. Your surveillance equipment can be tied into your access control equipment as well for this purpose.

  • High quality color and low light cameras
  • Network accessible live video feeds
  • Digital Video Recorders (DVR), analog network TCP/IP, megapixel cameras
  • Megapixel cameras, high definition and high density recording
  • Video alarm verification
  • Remote access through your smartphone
american safe - security systems alarm keypad

Security Systems

American Safe Inc. has been installing burglar alarms systems, alarms for business for over 30 years. Each of our alarm systems is custom designed and installed for each clients needs. From a bank alarm or business alarm, we monitor these 24/7 with a U.L. central station to protect your assets.

  • Burglary, robbery, and intrusion alarm systems
  • Digital and network capable, radio/ cellular backup on alarms
  • 24 hour monitoring supervised open and close, 24 hour text timers
  • UL/video/network alarm monitoring
  • Remote access through smartphone
  • Alarm install, repair and maintain
american safe - vault safe combination lock

Safes, Vaults, and Safe Deposit Boxes

American Safe Inc. builds Custom Modular Bank Vaults and installs custom vault doors. We use several different manufactures of vaults and vault doors to be able provide the right product for the right application. Modular vaults provide a solution where a poured in place vault may pose a problem. We offer safe and vault moving as well as drilling open due to a lost combination or a lock malfunction.

We also install, dispose, service, and sell a wide variety of safe deposit boxes, mini vaults, and burglar/fire rated safes.

american safe - access control card reader

Access Control

Access Control is a way of providing keyless electronic access into a locked door to a secure area. A card, a code or some type of credential is put to a reader for electronic verification to determine if that person, at that time, at that door has the right to enter that door/gate. A valid access will unlock the door/gate and record who went thru what door and at what time. A invalid access result in a denial of having the lock opened and will be recorded for a denial on entrance based upon invalid access code, invalid time for access or not having a high enough security level.

  • Keyless entry systems, card access/biometric systems, remote access
  • hardware, electronic locks and strikes, man traps, electrified door hardware
  • Photo badging and ID card printer
  • Door controllers (LAN/WAN configuration)