American Safe - Schlage L Series Mechanical

L-Series Mechanical

The Schlage L Series mechanical lock is the industry standard of mortise locks. It has earned its unparalleled reputation over its long history through consistently delivering reliable, durable and flexible performance. The L Series not only exceeds ANSI/BHMA Security Grade 1 AND Operational Grade 1 standards, it also serves as the foundation for the Schlage L wired electrifed, LE wireless electronic and multi-point mortise lock portfolios. In addition to its strength and performance capabilities its 33 levers and 14 finishes allow seamless suiting across other Allegion lock styles and exit trim to create truly beautiful environments. Features ƒ Exceeds ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 operational and security standards ƒ Expansive list of configurations and options ƒ 50 mechanical functions meet the requirements of most applications ƒ Universal lock case that supports 10 different functions ƒ 14 finishes paired with 33 levers, two knobs, five roses and three escutcheon designs to enhance any building style ƒ Levers constructed of solid brass or solid stainless steel for a strong-yet-comfortable feel ƒ Supports standard, SFIC and FSIC cylinder formats ƒ Multiple key systems available

American Safe - Schlage ND mechanical

ND Series Mechanical

The ND mechanical lock, along with being Schlage’s best selling mechanical lock, is the foundation for both the wired electrified and NDE wireless electronic lock. Not only did Schlage invent the cylindrical lock, but we continue to make it better with capabilities such as: ƒ

  • Unparalleled strength - the lock prevents access even when subjected to torque loads up to 3,100 in-lbs (2.6x BHMA1), withstands pry bar attacks of 1,600 lbs (8x BHMA requirements1), and withstands 100 hammer blows (20x BHMA requirements1, 2) ƒ
  • Exceptional durability - cycle tested to over 16M cycles (16x BHMA requirements1) with near zero droop or wobble - without the use of set screws or O-rings ƒ
  • Improved feel - improved strength and durability are more than numbers, you can actually feel it in the lock ƒ
  • Improved installation - installation is even easier than before (and without any set screws or O-rings)

All this is in addition to what you know and expect with the Schlage ND: 31 mechanical functions (plus wired electrified and wireless electronic) to meet the needs of any application; nine lever designs that suite with other Schlage locks and Von Duprin exit devices; renowned sales, customer and technical support.



The Schlage ND is extremely versatile and is regularly used in healthcare, education, government, office, retail and other commercial applications. With 31 mechanical functions, the ND's range spans from the simple (non-locking passage) to complex (double-cylinder security) to specialized (school time-out lock). Because the ND uses an ANSI 161 door prep, commonly used across cylindrical locks, it is ideal for both new construction and retrofit applications. Key features ƒ Significantly exceeds ANSI/BHMA A156.2 requirements for Grade 1 cylindrical locks ƒ 31 mechanical functions (see adjacent columns for wired electrified and electronic options) ƒ Nine lever designs, two rose designs ƒ 10 available finishes ƒ Supports standard, SFIC and FSIC cylinder formats ƒ Multiple key systems available – open, patented, restricted, geographic exclusive, UL437 ƒ Support for 10 non-Schlage cores (see cylinder section)

American Safe Schlage ND Electrified

ND Wired Electrified

The ND wired electrified lock complements the ND mechanical lock by working with access control systems to provide advanced security in high traffic areas. Because the electrified ND uses a motor instead of a solenoid, it offers unparalleled energy efficiency and flexibility in wired electrified ed applications. More ECO. A maximum current draw of 0.23 amps not only saves energy, but by allowing more locks to run off a single power supply it saves money as well. The low 0.010 amp holding current eliminates any potential for hot levers in electrically locking applications or in electrically unlocking applications where the door is left open for long periods of time. More FLEX. The electrified ed ND has flexibility for any application—it automatically operates from 12 to 24VDC, and the operating mode (electrically locked or unlocked) can be changed by simply toggling a switch on the chassis. Request to Exit (RX) can even be added with a simple upgrade kit. The electrified ND has a number of other features and benefits. Incredibly quiet operation. Tested to over 4x BHMA standards. The electrified ND also comes standard with the Allegion connect MolexTM connector system (may be cut off and installed using traditional splicing methods if desired).