American Safe, Inc. is dedicated to provide high quality and high security safes. We offer an extensive product line of over 400 standard models of burglary and fire resistant safes in every insurance classification from “B” rate to Underwriter’s Laboratories TL-15, TL-30, and TL-30-6. We also sell used safes at a great price.
We specialize in developing custom safes to meet specific cash handling requirements for banks, credit unions and many other financial institutions.
TL-15 & TL-30 money chest – These safes offer the highest level of security available with many outstanding features and a wide range of options.


American Safe, Inc. can build any vault to your specification. We can also relocate or expand your existing vault without compromising its integrity. With over Thirty years experience building custom vaults, ASI has the knowledge and expertise to design a vault to meet your cash handling requirements. Custom vaults are available in every U.L. Classification from I, II or III with five or six sides.


The Vault Door features a full-length locking bar. The locking bar is secured in the unlocked position to prevent accidental lock-in of customers and/or employees. A special back-up system eliminates the possibility of the locking bar being thrown. A built in door contact alarm device adds even greater security to your vault installation. The front of the door presents a clean, modern appearance and distinctive styling that will complement any type of interior design; a polished stainless steel finish complements the black and stainless operating wheel. A courtesy light, time lock and emergency ventilator with pass-through are all conveniently located on the rear of the door. All exposed surfaces (including the jamb, hinges and locking bar) are satin finish stainless steel. A stainless steel floor mounted door stop is standard. The day-gate is designed with a four-sided frame. The frame of the day-gate is mounted on the rear of the vestibule for 180 degree swing.