High Security Safes/Vaults

Safe/Vault Opening

In case of lockouts, ASI is able to open up any safes/vaults. If there are no options to open up the safe/vault, ASI has the necessary equipment to drill them open with minimum damage, potentially keeping the safe usable.



Safe Opening

ASI has the experience to open up safes that have mechanical or digital locks.

Vault Opening

ASI uses the best equipment available to open up vaults with minimum damage.


In case of a lock breaking or post drilling, ASI will replace the required lock to the safe or vault.

How to Move a 5,000 Pound Safe

American Safe Inc has the best tools and equipment to move a 5,000 pound safe. In this video, our technicians use a large crane to unload the safe for installation.

Benefits of Service

Cost Effective

Opening up the safe and vault will save clients money and time from purchasing a new safe or vault door.

Time Efficient

Our technicians respond quickly to emergencies and will have the necessary tools to open up safes and vaults.

Peace of Mind

There stress begins to build after a lockout occurs, ASI will bring you comfort with an efficient service.

Organized Compliance

There is high valuable materials in safes and vaults. ASI assures that your security on your safes/vaults are not compromised.

How Can We Solve your Challenge?

We provide on-site field services to bring you the best solutions.