Body Temperature + Mask Detection
Access Control Reader


The SpeedFace+ embedded face recognition sensor provides 100% contactless user authentication for various applications that include temperature detection.

American Safe - Proximity Reader

Proximity Reader

Proximity readers are a type security access that does not require direct contact or swiping of the reader device. The card can be read by holding it near the reader device and is worked through radio signals. This reader systems are popular solutions because of their ease of maintenance and installation. If the proximity card becomes lost or stolen, the card can easily be deactivated and issued a new one for added security.

For security managers, integrators and OEMs, HID proximity card readers are recognized as the industry standard for physical access control. Featuring 125 kHz RFID technology HID prox products are robust, affordable, and seamlessly integrate with access control systems.

American Safe - Biometric Fingerprint Reader


Fingerprint scanning or Biometric readers essentially provides an identification of a person based on the acquisition and recognition of those unique patterns and ridges in a fingerprint.

The actual fingerprint identification process will change slightly between products and systems. The basis of identification, however, is nearly the same. Standard systems are comprised of a sensor for scanning a fingerprint and a processor which stores the fingerprint database and software which compares and matches the fingerprint to the predefined database. Within the database, a fingerprint is usually matched to a reference number, or PIN number which is then matched to a person's name or account. In instances of security the match is generally used to allow or disallow access, but today this can also be used for something as simple as a time clock or payroll access.

American Safe - Keypad Reader

Keypad Reader

These are keypad systems that are hardwired in. The keypad is mounted outside the door, and it controls an electric strike or magnetic lock. The electronics on some models are mounted inside, in a secure place. They are particularly well-suited for people who find it difficult to insert and turn a key in a regular lock. The buttons are very easy to depress. For extra security these systems will turn off and sound a local alarm after a preset number of wrong combinations. They will recycle on again after a few minutes. This makes them extremely difficult to to defeat.They cannot be picked open. Most of these systems are weather-proof and very rugged. They work just about anywhere. They are tough and smart!