American Safe - ZKTeco controller


There are standalone and network controllers. Controllers come in 1 door and 4 doors. These can be biometric and traditional card readers.

Network-enabled main controllers we use is Paxton and ZKTeco.

Network controllers can go across LAN’s and WAN’s.



The ZKTeco EC10 and EX16 boards provide customers with the most versatile and secured access control solution. Floor access can be restricted based on user credentials of various access control methods including proximity card, keypad, and fingerprint. Restrictions on floor access can be set to pre-determined time schedules. As well as set unrestricted access during business hours.


The Paxton Net2 is a networked access controlled system which controls user access to doors. The Net2 has a voltage free relay system which can connect with alarms, exit buttons, and various other access control devices.