Beneficial for businesses with different access needs and multiple employee tiers

Master Key System

Installing a master key system is important for keeping a business secure, and important for keeping the flow of employees through proper areas. Installation of the master key system is simple and will be cost effective over time.




The master key system is an efficient and money saving blueprint to maintain the security and key control of large buildings or facilities. The purpose of the master key blueprint is to allow and restrict access to areas in the building. The master key references a group of locks, and the complimentary keys, organized in a hierarchical way that allows master keys to open all the locks and the bottom keys to open certain locks. The less master keys that are in the blue print will allow for stronger security. This master key system blueprint is able to be adjusted with little changes to the existing locks. Our professional team can assist you with all your master key installation at very affordable prices.

The master key system applies to using traditional mechanical keys or using access control keys. Although using control keys is very simple, a power outage will inhibit the the key pads.

Is the Master Key System right for you?

Master keys are great for

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Colleges and Schools
  • Government Institutions
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Commercial Warehouses


  • Limits the number of keys in circulation
  • Key Tracking allows you to manage the keys in circulation and who has the keys
  • Master Key system is affordable and saves you money when you have to replace keys
  • Controls and restricts access to areas
  • Brings convenience in carrying around less keys
  • Fast and effective for locksmiths or installers to help you
  • A master key file blueprint is provided for records

Possbile Concerns

  • If just one key (the master key) gets lost, someone will have gained unlimited access to all the locks in your building.
  • If these systems are not designed properly, some of the keys in your master key system will open doors they shouldn't and some keys won't manage to open the doors that they should.


Our team of technicians have a lot of experience in designing and installing master key systems that function efficiently and will be durable enough to withstand years of usage.

Key words

Grand Master Key: These keys, which are referred to GMKs, can unlock several master key systems and all doors within it.

Master Key: This key, often known as the MK, can unlock either all locks or some of the locks that the change key can unlock  plus other higher level locks that the change key can't.

Change Key: A change key is also known as a sub-key. These keys open just one lock or two locks which are identical. A change key without a master key system is a regular key.

Access Control: The means by influencing and regulating the flow of persons through a doorway.


Flow Chart


Master Key Installation

Our Technicians can come to your location and work with you to build the master key system that'll best meet your needs. After taking your needs into consideration and after having mapped out a master system plan, we'll get right to work installing the master key system in your office space or apartment building.

We will leave you a copy of the master key system blueprint because it will allow for fast and simple changes in the future. Our technicians will be able to make the adjustments needed to your master key system with no mistakes.


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