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Door Openers / Handicapped

Everyone wants independence, and it's the same for individuals with handicaps. However, it is much more difficult to be independent if you can't get through doors. There are many accommodations that can be made to assist a physically challenged person to gain more independence, including automatic door openers.

Sensor Automatic Door

A sensor automatic door works by means of motion detection. Usually, they work off a laser sensor that triggers the door to open. This kind is great for people who have limited or no use of their hands. These doors are often found at businesses such as grocery stores.

Touch Automatic Door

Touch-type automatic doors are operated by pressing a button, wall switch or a touch panel that then automatically opens the door.

Remote Control Automatic Door

A remote control automatic door is operated via a remote controlled device. The device triggers the door to open and is great for people who are unable to get to the door to let people in.

Combination Automatic Door

A combination system can be operated in multiple ways, such as by a push button, manually, by a push and go feature that opens the door, or by a remote control. This allows flexibility, meeting multiple needs.

Door Access Control Features

Each door can have separate open/close parameters.
Each entrant can have separate door access parameters.
Most systems allow the operator to make, via controlling software, separate open/close parameters for day of the week, weekend, etc.
Doors can be controlled at a single networked PC.
Instant access to door access information. Data can be used for attendance reporting.