How to know if a Master Key System will Improve your security

Locksmith Removing Lock

A master key system in your facility or building will bring you convenience and security. In the master key system pt 1, we explored how this system is beneficial to your access control. For example, the master key system will bring you the hierarchical control over entry points to your building. In this post, we…

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How to Improve your Security with an Access Control Panel

What is an Access Control Panel? Access control is a way to provide keyless electronic access into locked doors. For instance, you can use a card, code, or credential that identify your employee and allow them to enter the premise. This system operates similarly to the master key system because you can control the access…

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How to Implement Mega Pixel Quality Cameras to your Analog Video System

Security Cameras

The digital video recorder and network video recorder are essential for your video surveillance system. They both receive video data from your camera, manage all of your cameras in one place, and view your security footage. The video recorders have the same purpose to record security footage, yet they differ with the camera and equipment…

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Master Key Systems will bring you Security with Simplicity Pt 1

Challenges Managing the Access Points of Large Facilities Larger businesses with varying levels of hierarchical access have a challenge in managing who is allowed access to certain areas. Employees need to have access to their respective areas, yet the management might not want them to have access to all the other areas of the facility.…

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How Effective are License Plate recognition Cameras?

Once the violator escapes from a break in, there is a still a chance that you can capture them. A license plate recognition camera is a great tool to capture license plates of any suspicious or fleeing vehicles around your premise. After the incident, law enforcement will be able to use that valuable information to…

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