alarm monitoring - remote triggers

Remote Trigers

A remote trigger, or panic button, is strategically placed hidden button that alerts police in the event of an emergency situation. When the button is pressed, it activates an alarm by sending a signal to local emergency services or security monitoring center. Most panic buttons are designed to alert a monitoring center who will then alert emergency services if necessary. Certain businesses can have their remote trigger directly alert local police. These buttons are small and typically placed under tables to be discreet. Remote triggers will usually where employees are most likely to be, and is easily accessible.

american safe - radio back up

Wireless Transmitters

These transmitters can send two unique codes, the first for a wired closed circuit contact loop and the second for its built-in reed switch. An easy installation and set-up guide is included.

american safe - replacement battery

Replacement Batteries

New Extended Life Batteries that are compatible for all your Alarm Controllers and Accessories.