American Safe - Wired Hinge

Wired Hinges

Electric hinges are used when a locking device is mounted on a moving door, and power signals must be brought to the door to the controller and house wiring. Some locking devices include an REX lever or an electrified lockset. Electrified hinges are preferred over door cords because more resistant to vandalism. They are also easier to install.

2 wire electrified hinge, this is a hinge used to transfer low voltage 12v or 24v from the door to the door frame. This electrified hinge is a power transfer hinge often used for door access control.

4 Wire electrified transfer hinge with a monitor contact. This door hinge has the ability to monitor the position of the door when hooked up to a access control system.

American Safe - request to exit

Request to Exit (REX)

A device used to disable a door alarm, thus allowing valid exit through an access controlled door. Usually a motion detector but can also be a push button or a panic bar. An exit device is one of the most important elements in security and life safety. These devices have improved to incorporate electronics to provide multiple features compared to previous mechanical devices. Exit doors are made to swing outwards because of previous fires and mishaps, which allow for easy exiting in case of emergency. These exit devices are used on doors which must still be latched, but also allowing exit in emergencies.

american safe - badge printer

Badge Printers

Badge printers are quality-focused printing engines equipped with multiple encoding technologies (magnetic stripes, smart and RFID chips). Card printers personalize security and access control badges in ones or in hundreds.

The most used application for photo ID badge printers is to personalize the outside of a card. ID badge printers make this an easy function to perform when adding text or graphics.

In addition to printing data on your card, desktop card printers can also be used to encode both contact and contactless smart cards. Desktop printers are available with embedded reader modules that allow you to use specialized software designed specifically for card issuance and management. Such that your ID badge printer is now ready for advanced card personalization.

This type of badge is used by:

  • Small Businesses
  • Organizations
  • Sensitive premises
  • Public areas
  • Universities
  • Governmental organizations
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Airports and harbors
american safe - key fob

Key Fobs

A very small (only 4 grams) 125 KHz high security digitally encrypted proximity key tag. Key fobs have a hole for a key ring or chain. It is pre-programmed at the factory with a unique encryption code, and provides a read range up to 2 inches. By using the key fob system, users are given a personal identifiable number which are used to access restricted areas. This system provides better security by removing the need for keys, and also removing the risk of unauthorized duplication of keys or picking locks.

american safe - proximity reader

Proximity Cards

Proximity cards operate by using a wireless transmitter which provides data in a card reader installed on a door or building. Once within range, the reader will read the data on the card and unlock the door. American Safe Inc. provides the most widely used access control cards in the industry including HID Proximity, HID iClass, Bosch, Indala, Casi, Keri and Kantech. We strive to provide you with the best price and service possible.