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image of Schwab vertical file cabinetThe Schwab Series 5000 Vertical fire file cabinet line is the preferred choice for vital record protection on the market today. The 4CFD-5000 4 Drawer File Cabinet is the standard choice for offices worldwide. UL classified protection. Remember that thicker insulation does not mean better insulation. Insulite allows Schwab files to offer features like thinner walls, lighter weight and recessed handles without compromising fire protection.

Schwab files look great, too. The seamless construction of Schwab files has a much more attractive appearance than competitor’s old cap and sleeve design. Each beautiful exterior comes in a variety of pleasing colors which make them an attractive addition to any office. Many interior options are also available to accommodate specific filing needs.


• Seamless Secure Construction
• Recessed Handles
• Fire, Impact & Explosion Ratings
• Independently Fire Secure Drawers

image of Schawab data logos

Our 4CFD-5000 1 Hour Rated 4 Drawer File Cabinet is one of the best choices for vital record protection on the market today.

image of file cabinet colors

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