Online Store Cash Trays

image of a teller cash tray

Teller Cash Tray - 5001

The Ten Compartment Cash Tray is made from durable styrene which will provide many years of heavy use. Tray will fit any standard cash drawer. The dimensions are 3-3/8"H x 14-7/8" W x 14-7/8" D.

image of cash tray 5001

Teller Cash Tray - 5601

The six compartment cash tray is the same size as the ten compartment tray and will fit any standard cash drawer. Tray was designed to have the model 5701 coin tray stored in the large open compartment in the back of the unit.

image of cash tray 5001

Six Denomination Coin Tray - 5701

The model 5701 coin tray has room for pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, halves and dollars. This unit has special rubber legs to prevent scratches. The tray stands alone on the counter-top and was designed to be stored inside the 5601 (six compartment) cash tray.

image of a coin scoop

Coin Scoop - 5002

Model 5002 three compartment coin scoops will fit in any bill compartment.


image of a cash tray lid

Locking Lid - 5003

Model 5003 aluminum lid fits the six and ten compartment cash trays.